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Krieg im Kopf CD
Once you have your car up and running, how about some hard and loud music to get you driving to. ..
Ex Tax: $13.04NZD
Stahlcar Beer Opener
Thers isn't much else to say to this other than you can carry it on your keys and open a beer wh..
Ex Tax: $2.61NZD
Stahlcar Stubbie Holder
Keep your beers cooler the Stahlcar way Stahlcar 1 year warranty of course Beers....not includ..
Ex Tax: $3.48NZD
XTuner Truck Diagnostic Scan Tool for Windows
Introducing the brand new Xtuner Heavy Duty Truck Wifi Diagnostic Tool for PC Diagnose your fleet..
Ex Tax: $1,126.09NZD
VDM2 Full Diagnostic Tool for Android
Brand new release! Finally there is a decent full diagnostic system which you can use with your A..
Ex Tax: $213.04NZD
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for Android/iOS
Brand new release! Now you can monitor tyre pressure from inside your car using you smartphone. U..
Ex Tax: $86.09NZD
iCarsoft BMW/Mini Diagnostic Scan Tool
Brand new from iCarsoft the BMM BMW/Mini diagnostic scan tool, this will replace the i910-II ..
Ex Tax: $186.96NZD
iCarsoft HNM II Honda Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Subaru Scan Tool
Brand new from iCarsoft Developed for Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru vehicles bu..
Ex Tax: $256.52NZD
ScanGauge 2 OBD2 Digital Gauge & Trip Computer
Monitor Your Vehicle’s Most Vital Systems in Real Time. Save serious money in fuel! This..
Ex Tax: $256.52NZD
Tachyon H1 Toyota Hybrid OBDII Scan Tool
Tachyon H1 OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool for Toyota Hybrids The must have maintenance tool with e..
Ex Tax: $130.43NZD
Stahlcar ST350 Hybrid OBD2 Bluetooth Tool
  Brand new! Android AND iOS compatible for Leaf Spy! Introducing the Stahlcar ST350 ..
Ex Tax: $56.52NZD
ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth Tool for Android/PC
  Brand new!! This is the latest OBD2 Bluetooth engine diagnostic tool. It has a built ..
Ex Tax: $56.52NZD
Stahlcar ST200 OBD2 Bluetooth Tool for Android/PC
Introducing the brand new Stahlcar ST200 OBD2 Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool We worked directly wi..
Ex Tax: $30.43NZD
iCarsoft MBII Benz/Sprinter/Smart Diagnostic Scan Tool
The iCarsoft MBII is a multifunction diagnostic scanner and tester which has been designed speci..
Ex Tax: $256.52NZD
Dummy Car Alarm LED Solar Powered
Brand New! The perfect cheap anti-theft deterrent. The bright flashing LED light simulates the li..
Ex Tax: $17.39NZD
Xtool EZ500 Truck Diagnostic Tool
Brand new from Xtool We work directly with Xtool so offer full backup and support direct with the..
Ex Tax: $4,343.48NZD
Foxwell BT780 Battery Analyzer
Brand new from Foxwell! We are the Official Foxwell NZ Distributor The newly released BT-780 B..
Ex Tax: $517.39NZD
Foxwell NT204 OBD2 Code Reader
Brand new fom Foxwell The NT204 CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader is an innovative and affordable so..
Ex Tax: $86.09NZD
Foxwell OBD1 Adapter Kit
Adapters for the Foxwell Scan Tools This includes: NT414 All Makes 4 Systems Tool NT624 All Mak..
Ex Tax: $343.48NZD
iCarsoft Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool
Introducing the iCarsoft Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool. This is the perfect tool for diagnosing a..
Ex Tax: $517.39NZD