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Foxwell NT510 Holden Full System Scan Tool
Pro Level Scan tool for Holden NT510 is the most cost-effective professional scan tool for en..
Ex Tax: $343.48NZD
Autel Adapters
Adapters for Autel Scan Tools: This includes: MD801 MaxiDiag MD701 Asian Vehicles MD702 Euro..
Ex Tax: $0.00NZD
Foxwell Adapters
Adapters for the Foxwell Units: This includes: NT414 All Makes 4 Systems Tool NT624 All Makes..
Ex Tax: $0.00NZD
Foxwell BT100 12 Volt Battery Analyzer
Ex Tax: $82.61NZD
Foxwell BT705 Battery Analyzer
BT705 is an auto diagnostic tool for 6V -12V batteries or 12V -24V starting and charging systems whi..
Ex Tax: $256.52NZD
Nissan LeafSpy OBD2 Bluetooth Tool for Android
This OBD2 tool uses the older v1.4 which is compatible with the Nissan Leaf Spy app for Android...
Ex Tax: $52.17NZD
Foxwell NT510 Multi System Scan Tool
Brand new from Foxwell. A Pro Level Scan tool for your vehicle for the price of an entry leve..
Ex Tax: $343.48NZD
Nissan Consult Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool
Brand new release! Now our USB tool is available in Bluetooth. Connect your Nissan to PC an..
Ex Tax: $82.61NZD
OBD2 Extension Cord 60cm
OBD2 male to female extension adapter right angle (L-type) Head type: OBD2 16pin right angle..
Ex Tax: $30.43NZD
Foxwell GT80 Plus Pro Scan Tool
Brand new release! Introducing the new generation diagnostic platform from Foxwell, the GT80 Plus..
Ex Tax: $3,039.13NZD
Subaru USB Diagnostic Tool
New and Exclusive to Stahlcar, we now have a diagnostic tool for pre OBD2 Subarus. Many peopl..
Ex Tax: $56.52NZD
OBD2 Adapter Male to dual Female 16pin
OBD2 male to dual female splitter extension adaptor (Y cable) Head type: OBD2 J196..
Ex Tax: $26.09NZD
Nissan Consult USB Diagnostic Tool
Everyone with a Nissan 14 pin diagnostic port needs this tool! Official NZ Stockists! 1 year ..
Ex Tax: $60.87NZD
Foxwell NT414 Four Systems Scan Tool
Special Price - these are full NT414 upgraded units with all the features and benefits. The onl..
Ex Tax: $430.43NZD
Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Live Data/Code Reader
When it comes to diagnosing engine faults you can never go wrong with the new NT301 CAN OBDII/EO..
Ex Tax: $147.83NZD
Elm327 OBD2 Wifi Tool for iOS/PC/Android
Brand new!! Works with both iOS and Android units! This is the latest OBD2 wifi engine diagnost..
Ex Tax: $56.52NZD
BMW 97-13 OBDI/II Diagnostic Tool
Brand new release!! BMW's can be a nightmare for diagnostic tools as they all weren't..
Ex Tax: $117.39NZD
BMW 20pin to 16pin Adapter
BMW 20pin to 16pin OBD2 style adapter   ..
Ex Tax: $17.39NZD
Autel MD802 Scan Tool - Aus/NZ Version
All Systems + DS Australian/NZ Edition!! Our Autel tools come from Autel Australia with an ..
Ex Tax: $565.22NZD
Foxwell NT644 Pro OBDI/OBDII Scan Tool
  Foxwell NT644 Pro NZ edition - Holden and Aus Ford included! Delicately develop..
Ex Tax: $778.26NZD