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Tachyon H1 Toyota Hybrid OBDII Scan Tool

Tachyon H1 Toyota Hybrid OBDII Scan Tool

Tachyon H1 OBDII Bluetooth Scan Tool for Toyota Hybrids

The must have maintenance tool with every Hybrid vehicle owner. Hybrid vehicles consist of very complex electronic control systems. They rely on many senor data and a small malfunction in any of those sensors will lead to catastrophic failures ending up paying thousands of dollars. Tachyon H1 is specially designed to early detect these malfunctions and saves your money. It can..

Read Hybrid Sensor DataTachyon Droid OBDII Scan Tool

Read 50+ sensors that ECU is relaying Monitor Hybrid Battery status Monitor Hybrid Motor Controller Read Sensor Data in ABS/VSC/TRC Modules Read Sensor Data in Electronic Power Steering (EMPS) Modules Read Sensor Data in Climate Controller Modules  

Monitor Hybrid Tachyon Droid OBDII Scan Tool www.tachyontechtools.comBattery and System

Hybrid System is the key component in a Hybrid Vehicle. The whole fuel saving is depending on the status of the Hybrid System and Hybrid Battery. Proper monitoring and inspecting the Hybrid Battery will prolong the battery life  



Read DTCsTachyon Droid OBDII Scan Tool

Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes in Hybrid Controller, ECU, EMPS, ABS, Air Bags and AC system DTCs are the first indications that there is a malfunction in the system. Proper detection and fixing it may save thousands of dollars that you may spend on expensive repairs.      

Tachyon Droid OBDII Scan Tool
Track all Trips

The Tachyon H1Software can monitor and store unlimited number of trip recodes. Each Trip record will contain that trip’s Fuel consumption, distance travelled and fuel economy. Also, the H1 unit can save up to 25 such trips in the device, without software support.    

Tachyon Droid Free AppTachyon Droid OBDII Scan Tool

Install powerful Android Tachyon Droid app and get essential features at your fingertip

GPS Based Vehicle Path Tracking
Real-time Fuel Economy, consumption calculation


Installing is likeTachyon Droid OBDII Scan Tool A B C:

Installing the Tachyon H1 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for your vehicle is easy as ABC.
A. Connect the Tachyon H1OBDII Scan Tool to the OBDII port of your vehicle. This is usually located in close to the steering column
B. Pair the device with your PC Tachyon H1 OBDII Software or OBDII Tachyon Droid app.
C. Start the engine, Select the protocol and press “Connect” button.

Supporting Hybrids include

All Toyota Hybrid Models manufactured from 2007 onwards
@ Prius
@ Prius alpha
@ Prius S
@ Prius C
@ Aqua
@ Yaris Hybrid
@ Axio Hybrid
@ Avalon Hybrid
@ Camry Hybrid
@ Highlander Hybrid
@ Auris Hybrid
@ Crown Hybrid

What’s Included

• Tachyon OBDH1 BT OBDIIScan Tool
• Tachyon OBDH1 PC Software
• Tachyon Droid Android App
• Bluetooth

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