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Bluetooth Setup Guide

- Stahlcar ST200
- Stahlcar ST350 Hybrid
- Vgate iCar Pro


Device Pairing code: 1234


Recommended Apps/Software:
Android - Torque
iOS*- OBD Auto Doctor  &  Car Scanner ELM OBD2
PC Software: OBD Auto Doctor
* - ST200 not iOS compatible


Setup Instructions:
- Plug the unit into the diagnostic plug of your vehicle and turn the vehicle on
- For Android users, search and connect to the unit via the bluetooth section of your phone
      - Pairing names will be either 'Vlink' 'OBDII' or 'Viecar'
      - Pairing password is 1234
- For iOS and Android users, now start your app and then you will need to connect to the paired unit through the app's settings

- Now you will be able to connect to your car


- If you get an 'Unable to Connect to ECU' error this means that your car is not OBD2 compliant. OBD2 tools will not work with your car.
- If you have a Nissan or Toyota which you cannot connect to, you might be able to connect to it with the Car Guage Pro app for Android. This costs extra
- Read more on OBD2 here



Hybrid Apps for ST350 Tool:
Mitsubishi EVBatMon Apps:
Android - Play Store

Nissan Leaf Spy Apps:
Android - Play Store
iOS* - iTunes (additional cost)


*Leaf Spy iOS users must download and and unzip this file to the LeafSpy shared folder using iTunes. After that do a double tap of the home button to display running apps and kill LeafSpy by swiping it off the home screen if it was running. Then restart LeafSpy and it will add your OBDII adapter to the supported list. This is just until the newest Leaf Spy App is released which covers the ST350