Bluetooth Setup Guide

- Stahlcar ST200
- Stahlcar ST350 Hybrid
- Vgate iCar Pro

Device Pairing code: 1234


Recommended Apps/Software:
Android - Torque
iOS*- OBD Auto Doctor  &  Car Scanner ELM OBD2
PC Software: OBD Auto Doctor
* - ST200 not iOS compatible


Setup Instructions:
- Plug the unit into the diagnostic plug of your vehicle and turn the vehicle on
- For Android users, search and connect to the unit via the bluetooth section of your phone
      - Pairing names will be either 'Vlink' 'OBDII' or 'Viecar'
      - Pairing password is 1234
- For iOS and Android users, now start your app and then you will need to connect to the paired unit through the app's settings
- Now you will be able to connect to your car

- If you get an 'Unable to Connect to ECU' error this means that your car is not OBD2 compliant. OBD2 tools will not work with your car.
- Read more on OBD2 here


Hybrid Apps for ST350 Tool:
Mitsubishi EVBatMon Apps:
Android - Play Store

Nissan Leaf Spy Apps:

Android - Play Store
iOS - iTunes (additional cost)