Nexas DGP301 Glow Plug Tester 12V

Nexas DGP301 Glow Plug Tester 12V

DGP301 Diesel Glow Plug Tester provides fault detection through LED's for a quick analysis of short circuit, over current, normal operation and open circuit / under current

The tester allows for testing without removing glow plug from engine and powers the glow plug to test the plug in its operating state. More accurate test than a cold resistance test which can miss short circuits

The NEXAS DGP301 tester uses a current measurement to accurately determine proper operation and check for short circuits



Designed To Work on 12 Volt systems only !

Disconnect the busbar or leads from the glow plugs to be tested

Connect the RED battery clamp to the positive terminal of the battery, and the BLACK battery clamp to the negative terminal of the battery

Push the contact plate in the end of the test probe onto the glow plug terminal until the glow plug has warmed up. This might take between 3 and 20 seconds (Check manufacturer’s specs for exact warm-up time)

Check which LED is illuminated on the control panel


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