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Foxwell NT520 Mazda Pro Multi System Scan Tool

Second hand unit. Great condition. Full 1 year warranty A Pro Level Scan tool for your vehicle fo..

$395.00 $295.00 Ex Tax: $256.52

Foxwell NT520 Toyota/Hybrid Full System Scan Tool

Pro Level Scan tool for Toyota vehicles including Hybrids NT520 is the most cost-effective profes..

$345.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Foxwell Adapters

Adapters for the Foxwell Units: This includes: NT414 All Makes 4 Systems Tool NT624 All Makes..

$0.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

Foxwell BT705 Battery Analyzer

BT705 is an auto diagnostic tool for 6V -12V batteries or 12V -24V starting and charging systems whi..

$215.00 Ex Tax: $186.96

Foxwell BT780 Battery Analyzer

Brand new from Foxwell! We are the Official Foxwell NZ Distributor The newly released BT-780 B..

$595.00 Ex Tax: $517.39

Foxwell Carry Bag for NT301/NT510/NT520

  The small carrying case is specially designed for your Foxwell scan tool including NT200, ..

$19.99 Ex Tax: $17.38

Foxwell GT80 Mini Diagnostic System

Foxwell introduces the world's first IP67 rated waterproof, dirtproof, and shockproof auotomotive di..

$2,995.00 Ex Tax: $2,604.35

Foxwell GT90 Pro Scan Tool

Brand new release! Introducing the new generation diagnostic platform from Foxwell, the GT90 A..

$2,995.00 Ex Tax: $2,604.35

Foxwell NT204 OBD2 Code Reader

Brand new fom Foxwell The NT204 CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader is an innovative and affordable soluti..

$85.00 Ex Tax: $73.91

Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Live Data/Code Reader

When it comes to diagnosing engine faults you can never go wrong with the new NT301 CAN OBDII/EOBD C..

$145.00 Ex Tax: $126.09

Foxwell NT402 Battery Configuration Tool

The dedicated Battery Configuration Tool NT402 from Foxwell makes managing and replacing batteries m..

$295.00 Ex Tax: $256.52

Foxwell NT414 Four Systems Scan Tool

Special Price - these are full NT414 upgraded units with all the features and benefits. We have u..

$495.00 $345.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Foxwell NT420 Pro Multi Application Service Tool

Brand new from Foxwell The Foxwell NT420 is designed for the service technician with ease of use ..

$295.00 Ex Tax: $256.52

Foxwell NT520 Holden Full System Scan Tool

Brand new from Foxwell! A Pro Level Scan tool for your vehicle for the price of an entry level to..

$345.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Foxwell NT520 Pro Multi System Scan Tool

Brand new from Foxwell! A Pro Level Scan tool for your vehicle for the price of an entry level to..

$345.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Foxwell NT614 Four Systems OBDI/OBDII Scan Tool

  Brand new release - Now also covers EPB and Oil light resets! The new NT614 is an all..

$395.00 Ex Tax: $343.48

Foxwell NT644 Pro OBDI/OBDII Scan Tool

Foxwell NT644 Pro NZ edition - Holden and Aus Ford included! Delicately developed by the most dis..

$895.00 Ex Tax: $778.26

Foxwell Update Service

We can register and update your Foxwell Scan tool for you. If computers aren't your thing but want ..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $39.13