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Foxwell Update Guide

The following guide will help you to registe and install updates to your Foxwell Scan tool.

This covers the following tools from the Foxwell Range:

- NT530
- NT680 Lite
- NT680 Pro

Step by Step:

1. Download Foxassist Update Softare from here

2. Unzip Foxassist  and start install the software

3. Register and Sign In.

4. Connect your tool with computer via USB cable and select "Update" from the main menu  on the tool and press "Enter". Or Take out the SD Card in the device and put it into the Card Reader that comes with the package(or your own), and connect the card reader to computer.

5. FoxAssist will automatically enter your S/N ,please click "Activate" to register the tool to your account

6. Under Download, select the software you need and click "Submit " and then "Update"

8. Whenever you need to update the software again log back into Foxassist and follow the steps above


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