Nissan Bluetooth

Stahlcar Nissan Consult Bluetooth Diagnostic tool instructions

Unit Manual (PDF)

Pairing password: 1234

PC Software:
ECU Talk Software Download (2MB)

Android Apps:


BlueFRom -
ConsultBT Scan -
NDSI Lite -
Nikoz* -
Torque Pro* -

* - costs additional


- power off car
- plug in interface
- turn car key to ACC or On position.
    LED red is on,
    LED blue is On 500ms and Off 500ms,
    LED green and orange are Off.
- scan Bluetooth device, and enter pairing code "1234"
- run app, setup to select "NISBIE".
- click "Connect" in app.
    When Retrieving data,
    LED red is On,
    LED blue is On,
    LED green and orange keep flashing.