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The Answer is in your Hands

Posted by Stahlcar 10/03/2019 0 Comment(s)

We all know how useful scan tools are in helping narrow down vehicle faults. We all now how useful google is in finding the answers to so many of our questions. What many people fail to do is use both these incredible tools together to save time, effort and money.

We'll use ourselves as a classic example. While returning back to Auckland, before approaching the Bombay's, a gear warning light illuminated on our Ford Ranger. The ute then went into limp mode, and we struggled up the Bombay's at 80kmh, smoking a hell of a lot. Once we got to a safe place we whipped out a new tool we've been using, the Xtool A30 smartphone scan tool. We connected this to the ute and scanned away. What came back was an engine fault for 'mass air flow reading high'. We saved and cleared this which cleared the gear warning light. Odd but true.

So now we knew there was an issue with the air intake system. Nothing looked too out of place under the hood. This is where Google and forums come in handy. Typing in the vehicle model and fault code lead us to a Ranger forum. A user had exactly the same issues and said there would be a small split underneath the air intake hose after the intercooler. It was a common fault. Sure enough, there it was. Something which would have taken hours to pinpoint. We found it in 5 minutes. A quick call to Ford and we were on our way to pick up a new part. Easy and as cheap as that.

The answers are literally in your pocket these days so combining your smartphone with a good scan tool will save you all the time, worry and money you need.

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