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Windbooster Ford Ranger Throttle Response Tool

Windbooster Ford Ranger Throttle Response Tool

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Windboost 3S Throttle Controller for Ford Ranger 2011-Now

The Windbooster 3S throttle controller modifies the voltage signal from the fly by wire pedal assembly to allow you to tune the response from your accelerator pedal and greatly reduce the dead zone from when you initially depress the pedal commonly referred to as throttle lag. The Windbooster is providing new points of reference for the vehicle's throttle mapping. It is still working within the standard parameters, however, depending on the setting, with a sharper throttle curve. It is also bringing the throttle in earlier in the pedal stroke to reduce the throttle lag or dead zone in the pedal.

Complemented by its brushed steel metal housing, acrylic front panel and aluminium mode selection buttons giving it a stylist smooth look that won't look out of place in your vehicle.

We use these ourselves and nothing has made such a hug change to our vehicles. This is easier and in most cases better than a ECU tune!

On most vehicles, an Windbooster can be installed in less than 2 minutes with no special tools or technical knowledge required. It is a simple plug and play device that is designed to specifically integrate into your vehicle. It does no damage to your vehicle and can be taken out any time.



The Windbooster 3S comes with 11 built-in modes;

Intelligent Auto Mode

  1. i-Auto Mode for Manual Transmission
  2. i-Auto Mode for Automatic Transmission

Economy Mode

  1. Economy Mode for Manual Transmission
  2. Economy Mode for Automatic Transmission

Sport Mode

  1. Sport Mode for Manual Transmission
  2. Sport Mode for Automatic Transmission

Sport+ Mode

  1. Sport+ Mode for Manual Transmission
  2. Sport+ Mode for Automatic Transmission

Race Mode

  1. Race Mode for Manual Transmission
  2. Race Mode for Automatic Transmission

Normal Mode

  1. Normal Mode is a single mode that replicates the factory setting.



i-AUTO Mode
The Windbooster software identifies your driving habits on the fly and automatically selects the best response for the driver without the need to select a different mode manually. It truly is a set and forget mode that makes the decisions for you.

Econ Mode
Economy Mode is a more fuel-efficient mode. In this mode throttle response is reduced to save excess fuel usage.
Note: Economy Mode has 10 further settings that can be adjusted to the drivers preference.

Sport Mode
Increases throttle response speed to increase pedal response and reduce throttle lag.
Note: Sport Mode has 10 further settings that can be adjusted to the drivers preference.

Sport+ Mode
Increases throttle response speed more than in Sport Mode to further increase pedal response and acceleration.
Note: Sport+ Mode has 10 further settings that can be adjusted to the drivers preference.

Race Mode
Race Mode is ideal for track events or performance driving were a fast throttle response is required. Race Mode will give you the maximum throttle response speed.
Note: Race Mode has 10 further settings that can be adjusted to the drivers preference.


We sell the Windbooster with a 30-day money back guarantee for customers to try and if they are not happy with the results it can be returned for a full refund. We also sell them with a limited 3 year warranty.


All throttle controllers are to be used at the owners own risk. Settings range from extreme response to economy response so it's up to the user to set accordingly.

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