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Author: Jonathan Corr

  • Review Added on: 14/10/2022
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Easy setup and works perfectly. Great service and quick delivery from Stahlcar

Author: Graham Macgregor

  • Review Added on: 22/07/2020
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The Stahlcar ST350 OBD2 BT Tool for Leaf Spy/Dr Prius arrived within a couple of days of ordering and was easy to plug into the car, pair with my android phone using bluetooth and then use the Dr Prius app to get the battery readings I wanted to check the state of the Toyota Aqua hybrid battery.

I would use Stahlcar Scan Tools again should I need another one.

Author: Seaplane Paul

  • Review Added on: 13/11/2018
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Works great! Recommend. All the best.

Author: Nidge Leaf

  • Review Added on: 11/01/2018
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Bought this to check for a Leaf to purchase. Works very well and now is my main tool to check status and charge level from my lounge. I use leaf spy lite & blue tooth to my android phone. Highly recommended, very easy to use.

Author: Happyfunball

  • Review Added on: 26/10/2017
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I use this with LeafSpy on an iPhone7. It wouldn't pair initially (iOS 11) but Stahlcar sent me an updated file for the application I installed with iTunes. Unfortunately the newest version of iTunes removed this functionality so I had to install an older version of iTunes to do this (

So its perfectly functional but does require the Leaf to turned on for it to read, but I'm not sure if this is a limit of this adapter, iOS, or the car. I'm also not sure if the newest version of Leafspy works now without the file update, but I'm sure eventually it will.

Author: Michele

  • Review Added on: 24/10/2017
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I bought this to read the battery health for my Nissan Leaf. I use an android phone and installed Torque (free version) and LeafSpy (full version). I plugged the unit in, discovered the OBD2 tool via bluetooth on the phone and opened the app. Both apps worked but the LeafSpy was a bit easier to read. No problems with bluetooth either - paired and connected easily.

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