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Author: Daniel Van Schalkwyk

  • Review Added on: 09/08/2022
  • Average Rating:

Wasn't able to recognize my cars VIN even after manually loading it in. Very limited functions available for my car.

Author: Geoff Thompson

  • Review Added on: 18/03/2022
  • Average Rating:

Worked well on my Sprinter, and gave detailed info. Solved the problem. Cleared the faults.

Author: Mark Speakman

  • Review Added on: 16/01/2022
  • Average Rating:

Great tool. Does everything it should.

Author: Chris Ingham

  • Review Added on: 14/01/2022
  • Average Rating:

Great product, does alot, the Actuation Mode is awesome, and it has no problem clearing and diagnosing DTC's, the software has massive access to a big range of brands. Having Afterpay is good too. Excellent Service on delivery, I ordered this the day before Christmas and it arrives 4 days later, fantastic, considering it was Christmas, Fully recommended, some learning required if your not mechanically minded, however Thinkdiag has good instructions and is even able to re program some car options.

Author: Karl Stevenson

  • Review Added on: 18/08/2021
  • Average Rating:

Recently purchased a Thinkdiag protocol. Only used it once so far, but what an awesome tool. Scanned Mercedes no worries, faults and live data as well. Definitely value for money. Very happy, thanks

Author: Mark Theobald

  • Review Added on: 08/08/2021
  • Average Rating:

great tool

Author: Mike

  • Review Added on: 18/03/2021
  • Average Rating:

ThinkDiag All Systems Pro Tool was easy to set up and works great on my IOS 9 ipad. We have made a major modification to our car transmission to prevent overheating and the tool did a great job of monitoring the trans temp during arduous testing. It was a mobile test, and the tool ran plugged in, for an hour and a half without a fault. The tool certainly covers everything that is going on , in fact, I would rather not have known just how much was happening behind the scenes!!! Highly recommended.


  • Review Added on: 19/06/2020
  • Average Rating:

Bought this not for a specific problem but as a general tool.

Did not work on my vehicle, even though I asked if it would before buying but READ ON……

Stahlcar have handled this issue with prompt, professional customer service - checking into the issue and finding that the manufacturer has made changes to their software right at the time I bought it - to do with iOS 32 vs 64 bit updates. It seems that if I had bought earlier, the 32 bit app version would have been still available and worked, or if I had bought later, the app would be updated to 64 bit.

Ignoring the technical detail, Stahlcar supported their customer (me) very well, immediately put the options including full refund on the table, liaising with the manufacturer, giving me options and updates so I chose to wait until the manufacturer updated the app packages.

Very happy with the tool and service, highly recommended!

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