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Stahlcar A1 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

Stahlcar A1 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

Brand new model! This is 4G based so all NZ simcards now work. Even more accurate than our last edition. One of the most accurate, simple and cheapest GPS trackers around. We use them on our own cars, they are that good.

Introducing the Stahlcar A1 4G OBD GPS Tracker. Track your car remotely and ease your mind on the possibility of vehicle theft. The A1 is THE FASTEST installable tracker available, period. Simply plug the tiny GPS Tracker into the 16pin OBD port on your vehicle. It does not matter if your vehicle is OBD2 compliant or not, just plug it in and go. Save money on expsensive installation compared to some units.

Install this GPS Tracker into your car in less than 15 seconds!!

Free lifetime tracking!!! All you have to do is pay for your simcard and useage. Tracked by an iOS/Android apps, PC website or via a simple call from your mobile, you'll always be able to find exactly where you vehicle is.

This unit is perfect for the business which wants to remotely keep an eye on your staff's driving habits. You can also set up a speeding alarm so you can be sent a SMS if the car goes over a set speed. Check for instant updates on your staffs location!

For Parents, you can keep an eye on your young children's driving habits to ensure they are driving safely and within the hours of their licence conditions. You can set a Geo Fence so you will receive a SMS if the car exits the area.

For the everyday secuirty minded driver. Tracking will help locate your vehicle if it's stolen, being a discreet unit makes it difficult for thieves to know they are being tracked.

This works with Vodafone, Spark or 2Degrees sim cards. We have a quick start guide which you send the unit a couple of setup commands and you're off. You can modify all the features yourself to suit your needs. Great security and a piece of mind can cost as little as $10 a month!

Unlike some tracking system suppliers which charge you monthly, our tracking system is free!!!

Note: You must pay for you own mobile data from your telco(vodafone). This unit will only need less than 50MB per month which is less than $10!

A1 4G GPS Tracker Features:
- Easiest GPS Tracker to Install
- Uses the OBD Port on your car and can simply be switched between cars without any setups.
- Refreshes location automatically every 15 seconds - you can adjust this to suit
- No Wires or Antennas – Install it yourself!
- Real Time – See where the car is RIGHT NOW!
- Use Any Computer Online – Mac or PC
- Smartphone/Tablet Compatible – iOS and Android!
- Speed Alerts – Know when your vehicle is speeding.
- Geo Fence Alerts – Get a text when it arrives or leaves a location.
- Track your vehicles movement history for up to 180 days!
- Wide input voltage range: 8-50VDC
- Built in 280mAh / 3.7V battery for back up
- No Batteries to Change – Uses the battery power from your cars diagnostic port to charge it's internal battery!

We can offer discounts for multiple purchases. So if you need more, then speak to us and we will arrange a price.

Package Includes:
- OBD GPS Tracking unit
- Website Link for Tracking and Setup Guide

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