Stahlcar Selector Guide

We know how hard it can be to find the right tool for your needs. There is a world of information and mis-information on the internet, all leading you in many different directions. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of tools to choose from and that's even before you try and figure out what works with your car. We deal with this every day and know exactly what you're going through.

We're here to help.

That's why we have created a range of options to try and help you with this process.


What Scan Tool do You need
A good place to start when you're completely unsure of what you want is our info page on the different types of scan tools. This will give you a run down on what will work with your car and what sort of tool you will need. It's a good little starting place for those of you that have only just wandered into the scan tool world.

Read our What Scan Tool do I Need Guide


Product Selector
We're still quite proud of this little tool we put together. If you have a general idea of what you need for your car or cars then jump onto this little tool to narrow things down a bit. You just use the simple drop down option and it will then spit out a bunch of suggestions which will make youre life just that little bit easier.

Use our Product Selector here


Suggest a Tool
Our most popular product finding tool is our Suggest a Tool page. Using this page you simply fill out the form with what vehicles you have and what you need out of a tool and we will then email you back with product options. This is a easy way of finding what you really need when you're still not enirely sure on what you might need. We deal with scan tools every day so we are more than happy to personally select what will meet your needs

Use our Suggest a Tool here


Choose by Vehicle
We created this page a while ago to break the tools down by OBD2 coverage on each manufacturer. This is a handy quick simple page where you can look up the make of your car and see quickly and easily if it's OBD2 compliant or not. Then by clicking the links below the manufacturer badge we will suggest some tools for you. Quick. Easy

Check out our Choose By Vehicle page


Comparison Tool
This is a nifty little tool we have built into our product and category pages. By using this tool you can compare tools simply and quickly. We know that even when you narrow down your search there can still be a couple of products which seem similar and you have to try and figure out the differences. Each of our tools have different Specifications which can be seen on each product page. By using this we can now offer easy comparisons. On the Product page you will see a 'Compare this Product' link just below the Buy Now button. When you click this, the product will be added to your product comparison page. A Popup will appear on the top right of the screen when you do with a link to the comparison page. You can do this with up to 4 products. You can also compare from the category page, when you hover above a tool you will see a little Compare Icon on the right of the image. Click this and the product will also be added to your Poduct Comparison Page. When you go to the Product Comparison page you will see all your choices side by side so you can see the differences and make your choice quickly and easily

Your Product Comparison page will be here



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