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ThinkDiag Mini All Systems Scan Tool for Android/iOS

ThinkDiag Mini All Systems Scan Tool for Android/iOS


Brand new from Thinkcar. A game changing subscription based OBD2 All Systems Tool for Android/iOS

We are a Factory Approved Dealer

The ThinkDiag Mini is a smartphone based scan tool offering in depth scanning features for a fraction of the price. This is a subscription based tool with a difference. Each subscription is based on one manufacturer software, so after your first year's free software each annual software is only $19.95USD - and yes you can use your 5 x free softwares to update it for free the next year. This means you only pay for the software you need, not hundreds on a scan tool which does the same thing. Very handy when you change cars and you're not left with expensive software which you can no longer use.

Each ThinkDiag Mini you purchase comes with 5 x FREE 1 year software subscription. Each manufacturer software subscription gives you access to ALL systems coverage functions, including read/clear codes, live data streaming, ABS and SAS resets. Once the year is up you can either let the software lapse or purchase again. You can just purchase it when you need it. But included is a OBD2 engine code reading/clearing feature which is free for life!

For an additional $19.95 per year you can purchase the Maintenance Reset Software

Why a subscription based tool?
This decision by ThinkCar was made after careful thought and review of user feedback. Instead of charging you high one-time fees, ThinkCar give you the flexibility and choice of renewing your subscription after one year. Users who change cars after one or two years can choose to switch to a subscription to another car manufacturer. This is not a simple engine code reader, this is a pro level tool for one tenth the price!


- Full systems pro level fault finding/clearing
- All systems covered including: Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, Traction Control, Air Con, Body Systems and much more!
- Special functions of 50+ Major car brands that are specific to each car model or series.
- Live data stream graphing gives you a visual comparison of multiple real-time data to better understand your car.
- Maintenance functions included in the manufacturer software

Maintenance Software includes(an extra $19.95USD per year):
- Throttle
- Battery Resets
- Injector Coding
- Sunroof Resets
- Immobilizer
- TPMS Resets
- Steering Angle
- Gear
- EGR Resets


Yearly Manufacturer Software subscription - $19.95USD
Yearly Maintenance Software subscription - $19.95USD

- Comes with 5 x FREE One Year Software
- Free OBD2 Engine Code reading/clearing for life!
- Yearly Maintenance software includes Service Resets for ALL brands in one purchase.


Manufacturer Brands(more added every month):
- Audi
- BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce
- Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep
- Citroen
- Daihatsu
- Fiat/Abarth/Lancia/Romeo
- Ford
- GM
- Holden
- Honda
- Hyundai
- Isuzu
- Kia
- Land Rover/Jaguar
- Mazda
- Mercedes
- Mitsubishi
- Nissan
- Opel/Vauxhall
- Peugeot
- Porsche
- Renault
- Seat
- Skoda
- Smart
- Sprinter
- Subaru
- Suzuki
- Toyota/Lexus
- VW/Bentley/Bugatti
- Volvo

Full Coverage List:


Package includes:  
1 x ThinkDiag mini


Type Android/iOS
Manufacturer Coverage Most Major Manufacturers
Systems Coverage All Systems/Service Functions
Live Data Yes
Updates $19.95USD per year for each manufacturer software. Free for life for OBD2 Codes. Maintenance software for all makes is $19.95USD per year
Adaptions No
Coding No

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