Tyre Pressure Monitoring System USB 12V

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System USB 12V

Now you can monitor tyre pressure from inside your car using a simple plug and play system.
This TPMS (Tyre Pressure Management System) plugs into the vehicles 12v cigarette plug and connects wirelessly to the valve caps provided. With this you can monitor tyre pressue and temperature on the LCD screen. It also has a built in alarm which you can edit to suit.

Save your rims before you do expensive damage thanks to a flat tyre. A valuable tool for all sorts of situations from long distance trips to off roading.

This model has a 2.1A USB charger port built in

- Monitor PSI or KPA
- Dynamically monitor tire pressure, increase traffic safety.
- USB Out charging 5V 2.1A 10W fast phone charge
- Color LCD screen displays tire pressure and tire temperature.
- Visual and sound warning, leakage warning, low pressure warning, high pressure warning, high temperature warning, sensor low power warning and no signal warning.
- 4 sensors, built-in lithium-ion battery, easy to be mounted and replaced, plug and play.
- Support screen sleep mode to save car power.

USB Out charging: 5V 2.1A 10W fast phone charge
Monitor Pressure Range: 0-51 PSI
Sensor Waterproof: IP67
Working Temp.: Sensor: -40~90 Centigrade
Sensor Battery: Each sensor is powered by 1* lithium-ion battery (included)
Battery Life: 2 years
Receiver Size: 60*40 mm

Kit Includes:
- 1x TPMS adapter
- 4x wheel caps
- 1x spanner

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