Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for Android/iOS

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for Android/iOS

Now you can monitor tyre pressure from inside your car using you smartphone. Using Bluetooth 4.0 this TPMS system can connect to Android and iOS devices.

This TPMS (Tyre Pressure Management System) plugs into the vehicles tyre vavles and connects wirelessly to your iOS/Android device. With this you can monitor tyre pressue and temperature on your phone.

Save your rims before you do expensive damage thanks to a flat tyre.

A valuable tool for all sorts of situations from long distance trips to off roading.

- measures tyre pressure in PSI or BAR
- measures tyre temperature
- built in high and low pressure alarm which you can adjust
- compact design

- each sensor runs on a small battery which can easily/cheaply be replaced when done

Sensor Specifications
Working Voltage: 3V
Working Current: 100μA
Standby Current: ≤ 2.2μA
Bluetooth Transmitting Power: 0dBm MAX
Display: Phone APP
Waterproof Standard: IP67
Working Humidity: 95% MAX
Tire Pressure Detection Range: 100-1300kPa
Tire Pressure Detection Accuracy: ± 10kPa
Tire Temperature Detection Accuracy: ± 3℃
Working Temperature: -30℃ - +80℃ (Outer Sensor)
Battery Capacity: 140mAh (Outer Sensor)
Battery Capacity: 330mAh (Inner Sensor)
Battery Life: 3-5 Years (Outer Sensor)


Kit Includes:
- 4x wheel caps
- 1x spanner





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