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Brand new from Vident the iMax4302 BMW/Mini diagnostic scan tool The iMax4302 is a multifunct..
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Introducing the brand new Nexpeak K2 Truck Scan Tool. This tool comes with it's own 10" Android Tab..
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  Introducing the brand new Vident i704NZ Multi Systems OBDI/OBDII Scan Tool + Service Tool ..
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Turn that Check Engine Light off easily! When it comes to diagnosing engine faults you can ne..
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Stahlcar News
Chip Tuning Tools - Just Don't

Chip Tuning Tools - Just Don't

Stahlcar 02/03/2021 0
One question we get asked a lot is if we sell the cheap ECU Tune tools which are common all over Ebay or AliExpress. I mean, to turn your car into a r...
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Foxwell Tools on the Web

Foxwell Tools on the Web

Stahlcar 25/08/2020 0
As the Official Foxwell Scan Tools Distributor for NewZealand we thought we should give a little write up on what Foxwell tools are genuine, parallel ...
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What are NZ's best scan tools?

What are NZ's best scan tools?

Stahlcar 06/07/2019 2
As New Zealand's most popular scan tool supplier we often get asked which are the best scan tools. We have been in this business long enough to have a...
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The Answer is in your Hands

The Answer is in your Hands

Stahlcar 10/03/2019 0
We all know how useful scan tools are in helping narrow down vehicle faults. We all now how useful google is in finding the answers to so many of our ...
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All new Stahlcar

All new Stahlcar

Stahlcar 29/11/2018 1
Welcome to the all new Stahlcar. We've spent a long time upgrading our store to the latest technology to make your shopping experience a much more enj...
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Tips on Scan Tool useage

Tips on Scan Tool useage

Stahlcar 13/09/2017 0
Learning how to use an OBD(On Board Diagnostics) scan tool is an important part in ensuring that there is always a smooth fault repair process. Despit...
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Works a treat and great service
- Ashley
Awesome product and awesome service thanks Stahlcar
- Mike James
Just the tool I needed. Fast delivery. Thanks!
- Steve Friend
Purchase the Creator C310 scan tool. Very pleased with product. Was a delight to see quick delivery of items. Would use Stahlcar Scan Tools online service again.
- T.Hine
Happy with product and good person to person help once you are able to get a contact number. Only contact could find was via email but Quick considering that.just be nice to talk about product in lesser down time.thanks Stahlcar happy Customer.
- Paul