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Autel & Launch Tools? - Stahlcar Scan Tools

Autel & Launch Tools?

One question we get asked a few times is do we sell Autel and Launch scan tools? The answer is no we don't and there are many reasons for this. It's nothing against their range which does the job fine but it's about our committment to you and aftersales support.

99% of the Autel and Launch tools you can buy in NZ are parallel imported, especially on Trademe. There are only 2-3 Official distributors in the country and the rest all get theirs directly from Aliexpress or ebay and on sell to customers.

The reason we don't sell these brands is simply because we only deal directly with the factory for every scan tool we sell. Foxwell, Vident and iCarsoft and brands for which we are the New Zealand distributor for. We have direct factory contact which makes our aftersales support a step above.

Trademe is a classic example of parallel imports. 99% of the Foxwell tools on there are parallel imported, there's only us and Battech(who we supply) that have genuine NZ Foxwell tools. With this, our units include AU Ford and Holden software and we talk straight to the factory and can get any issues with accounts or tools sorted rapidly. You will see the market is becoming crowded with new sellers selling pro level Autel or Launch tools, our advice is simply don't spend thousands on a fly by night seller, go direct to the NZ distributor. They also include GST..which many part timers don't.

So this is the main reason we don't sell Autel or Launch tools, we don't have direct factory contact so we don't want any 3rd party delaying our support to you. We are also extremely confident that our range of Foxwell, Vident and iCarsoft tools are of equal or in some cases better standard for NZ vehicles.
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