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Stahlcar GPS Tracking Setup

You can follow the instructions provided with the unit and register your own account instead of the login details provided by us. The reason we provide our own login account for you is so we can help from the back end if you are having issues. If you create your own login then we cannot help for any issues. Regardless of which account you use, you will need to follow the steps below to activate the units tracking.

Quick Start Guide:
Send the following txt messages to the unit with the sim card inserted and power on

IP 8000 this ensures the unit tracks to the tracking platform*
(for vodafone):
APN123456 vodafone

(for 2 degrees/Spark):
APN123456 internet
this provides vodafone's apn settings.

this provides 2Degrees and spark apn settings

  * if your tracker is still not showing up on the tracking platform you may need to send it the txt command: IP 8800

PC Tracking website:

Register your Unit for Tracking:
- go here and register with your username and password - these are located on the units box
- log in and under the top menu click 'Manage'
- click 'Add' on the tabs and fill in the form
       - Device id: 10 digit code found on the tracking unit itself
       - Device name: name the vehicle you wish to track
       - Sim: This is the phone number of the sim going into the unit. Numbers start with +64 ie 021222444 becomes +6421222444.
       - click ok
- once your tracker is registered, plug it into your car, it will then take 10-15 minutes to get a gps fix and it will be ready



- When logging into the app make sure you change the server address to on the login page

- tracking is refreshed every 15 seconds, this can be modified to suit from the online tracking platform
- sometimes you the unit will need to be plugged in for 10-15 mins before tracking will begin for the first time out of the box

Recently there has been a website address change for those that did not register with the provided login details. If you are having issues logging in or tracking You can now access the platform through the following means:

Website URL:
Mobile App:   "iTracksafeX"
Username and Password: You can use the same username as on the original server, and the initial password is 123456. Once logged in, you can change the password for added security in your account settings.


For the older model 3G A1 or MT1 Tracking tools:

(your mobile number)0000 1 makes your number the controller phone(make sure it starts with +64)
7100000 this sets the unit up to track by gprs
8030000 vodafone this provides vodafone's apn settings, please note if you use another provider then please check with them
8040000 8000 this ensures the unit tracks to the tracking platform