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Nissan Consult Instructions

PC Software Downloads:
- ECU Talk Software - Download
- Conzult Software - Download

Android Apps (for adapter versions only):
- NDSI Free - Download
- NDSI Premium - Download 

Setup Instructions for PC:
Setup of the Nissan Consult USB tool is quick and easy. Most cases it's as simple as installing the software, connecting the tool and you're away. If you are having trouble still, it's most likely a com port issue which you can solve by following the instructions below:
- Identify the COM-Port associated to the device in the Device Manager. For Windows 8 and above just type in Device Manager in search. For older versions of Windows: Go to Control Panel > system > Device manager > Ports(Com&LPT) > USB serial port(com). Here you can find out which com number you are using. For ease of use make sure it's between 1-5. If you need to change it(don't do this unless it doesn't work the first time). Right click > properties > port settings > advanced > com port number-change to something 1-5

- Connect your Nissan Consult to the 14pin plug under the dash

- Turn your vehicle ignition on. It may not be required to have your vehicle running, but for first time set-up, we suggest this.

- Open the Consult software and connect to the interface by selecting the COM-Port associated to the device in the software's settings. If the COM-Port is set higher than the software allows, you will need to change the COM-Port in the Device Manager (see step 2)

- Connect to your vehicle, trouble codes and real-time data should now be available to you.

If it's still not working:
- The most common problem is that the incorrect port setting is selected in the programme settings
- This device works with all windows, though for ease of use and best features we recommend ECUTalk.
- If it still cannot connect to the ECU please check all the fuses around your car as this can lead to errors between the plug and your cars ECU.