ScanGauge 2 OBD2 Digital Gauge & Trip Computer

ScanGauge 2 OBD2 Digital Gauge & Trip Computer

Confused about OBD2? You're not alone..
We have created a guide all bout OBD2 here which is well worth a read

But for a quick guide to see if your car is OBD2 compliant we have created this list for you. Note that some models might be OBD2 compliant earlier than stated below but this is a safe coverage list.


Alfa - 2001+
Audi - 2001+
BMW - 2001+
Chrysler - 1996+
Citroen - 2001+
Ford AU - 2006+
Ford U.K - 2001+
Ford U.S.A - 1996+
Honda - 2001+
Hyundai - 2001+
Holden - 2006+
Isuzu - 2001+
Jeep - 1996+ 
Jaguar - 2001+
LandRover - Petrol 2001+ - Diesel 2004+
Lexus - 2001+
Mazda - 2001+ 
Mercedes - Petrol 2001+ - Diesel 2004+ 
Mini - 2001+ 
Mitsubishi - 2006+ 
Nissan - 2007+
Opel - 2001+ 
Peugeot - Petrol 2001+ - Diesel 2004+
Porsche - 2001+ 
Renault - 2001+ 
Saab - 2001+
Skoda - 2001+ 
Smart - 2001+ 
Subaru - Engine codes 2003+ - All from 2008+
Ssangyong - 2010+ 
Suzuki - 2007+ 
Toyota -  Petrol 2006+ - Diesel 2007+ 
VW -  Petrol 2001+ - Diesel 2004+ 
Volvo - 1998


Monitor Your Vehicle’s Most Vital Systems in Real Time. Save serious money in fuel!

This is a special AU/NZ edition - read the full features here

ScanGauge-II can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing.

Features include more than 15 built-in digital gauges, 5 sets of trip data and an easy-to-use Scan Tool that shows both set and pending trouble codes — all in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes.


Digital Gauges
ScanGauge-II provides real-time gauges to show you what is going on “under the hood” with more than 15 built-in digital gauges. The gauge screen allows you to select and display 4 gauges at a time, so you can monitor the current operating conditions of your vehicle in real-time.

The TRIP modes in the ScanGauge can be used to save fuel. Improved driving habits can improve fuel economy by up to 30%.

The ScanGauge-II lets you try different driving techniques and routes and gives quick feedback on how they affect fuel use. TANK Trip which you reset when you fill up the tank. It can provide you with “to empty” data as well as other useful information.

ScanGauge-II Can display OBD2 Diagnostic trouble codes, tell you how many there are and the Trouble Codes themselves. It can clear the check engine light! Data captured when the Trouble Code was set can be recalled to help troubleshoot the problems.


    No Tools Required!
    Cable detachable at the ScanGauge
    Easily move from vehicle to vehicle
    ScanGauge Compact Size
    Size 4.8"W x 1.4"H x 1"D

    Display Colour, 7 Standard screen colours and a custom setting with 63 possible colours.
    Backlight for night use
    User settable Off, Low and High

    Automatic delayed power-down after engine shutoff
    Automatic power-up when engine is started
    Manual power-up with delayed power-down via HOME key


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