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Chip Tuning Tools - Just Don't - Stahlcar Scan Tools

Chip Tuning Tools - Just Don't

One question we get asked a lot is if we sell the cheap ECU Tune tools which are common all over Ebay or AliExpress. I mean, to turn your car into a rocketship by simply plugging in a $5 unit to the OBD2 port..why wouldn't we? For this simple tool to do the same job as a ECU Tune which costs hundreds we should be selling thousands of these right?

No, just no.

These are one of the biggest scams going around the diagnostic world. They are simply a plug unit with an LED light built in. It is effectively a placebo tool where some people swear they have made a difference where as you would get more of a performance change by changing the air freshener in your car. For this reason we simply refuse to sell these LED light tools. The best tool we sell which will actually make a difference are our Windbooster Throttle Controller tools. These don't adjust the ECU at all but increase the throttle response. And we swear by these units, we use them ourselves.

So save your money for either a tune from a Professional or purchase a Throttle controller.

Watch the video below for more info on these scam tools:


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